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       KaiDa is the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Precious Group Metal (PGM) products in China . We offer a wide range industrial application of Precious Metal Catalysts including petroleum refining, petrochemical, specialty chemical, food stuff, atomic power generation, space technology automobile, anti-pollution applications, etc. Our main products are including Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium Catalysts and Compounds, Titanium Anodes, Ceramic Glaze and Rare Metal Products. Our company is organized into six divisions, Precious Metal Catalysts and Compounds,Precious Fabrication, Precious Metal Recovery, Dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA) , Rare Metal Products, Ceramic Glaze.
       The PMG Catalysts produced by KaiDa have high activity, high selectivity and high durability. KaiDa comprehensive Precious Metal Refining Program helps you recover the maximum value from your spent precious metal material. You can streamline the refining and purchasing cycle by using KaiDa as your supplier. KaiDa is the mainly Producer of DSA. The coating is Pt, Ru, Ir, Ti based on Ti. The advantages are high dimensional stability and load resistance, economical energy, low weight. When activated coating is passivated, it can be coated again and use repeatedly. Ceramic Glazes are liquid solutions or powder of precious metallic complexes which penetrate into porcelain tiles, coloring not just the surface but also deep-down into the body. This penetration also enables pieces to be polished, making it so that with this technique a great deal of products can be obtained, especially the natural stone-effects.
       Rare Metal Products are included Titanium, Tantalum, Nickels and Zirconium Products with Foils, Sheet, Plates, Bars, Tubes, Wires, Mesh, etc. KaiDa PMG products have been exports to many countries. At all KaiDa sites, quality of products and security of customer assets are top priority.
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