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Titanium Anodes & Titanium Electrodes
KaiDa's Electrocatalytically Activated Dimensionally Stable Titanium Electrode/Anode Technology
      Titanium DSA electrodes are the state of art as anode for a wide range of electrochemical applications. The excellent stability of titanium against surface and pitting corrosion make it dimensionally stable permitted dramatic innovations in equipment design, operation conditions and energy consumptions of many electrolysis processes. The application of coating containing mixed metal oxides (MMO) such as RuO2,IrO2,TiO2 and Ta2O5 allows to reduce remarkably the overpotential for anodic chlorine and anodic oxygen evolution. Additionally the MMO coated anode's excellent stability consequently do not contaminate the electrolysis system, improving the products purity and maintenance costs.
As an specialist in PGM catalysts technology, KaiDa extended it's technical know-how to the R&D of electrocatalytic products and established a complete "in-house" facility for custom titanium electrode design, testing and evaluation of the optimum performance requirements.

KaiDa offers different types

Anode Types and Composition, Applications




Ruthenium Coated Ti Anode

Used in Chlor-alkali , Potassium Chlorate Production, Water Electrolysis, Sewage Treatment.

Base Materials : Ti
Coating Materials: RuO2, TiO2

Ruthenium / Iridium Coated Ti Anode

Used in Gold Plating, Platinum Plating, Nickel Plating, Chromium Plating, etc.

Base Materials : Ti
Coating Materials : RuO2, IrO2, TiO2

Iridium / Tantalum Coated Ti Anode

Used in Oxygen-Evolution Condition, especially in Oxygen-Evolution Condition, Sulfuric Acid Medium and Copper Foil Field with high current density

Base Materials : Ti
Coating Materials : RuO2, Ta2O5 , TiO2

Precious Metal Coated Ti Anode

Precious metal chemicals baths and salts in Gold, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Platinum and Palladium

Base Materials :Ti
Coating Materials: Pt, Pd, Au Rh, Ru, etc.

Size and shape are determined by

The electrochemical cell or installation wherein the anodes are used.

The process conditions such as electrolyte compostion, temperature, current density, design life, etc

Mechanical load of the anode.

Capacity of electrical conductivity of the base material.

All substrates and electrolysis cells are produced according to customer specifications. We disassemble, inspect, repair and assemble these cells and provide the cells with new or recoated electrodes if necessary. We also manufacture complete replacement cells. When these specifications are not yet completely determined, our engineers are pleased to use their knowledge and experience to finalize the design together with the customer.
In addition, one of our unique advantage is that we also produce all coating precursor materials in house which let us pass on extra value to our customers. The combination of industry standard manufacturing of the titanium substrate and in house MMO precursor materials fabrication, enable KaiDa to provide the industry's lowest cost of ownership.
KaiDa's titanium substrate processing facility is capable of producing electrode with different size, form, shape and other customized configurations. With our intelligent coating formulation from standard designs to custom designs, our titanium DSA electrodes have been successfully used in a wide range of electrochemical applications.


When activated coating is passivated, it can be coated again and use repeatedly.

Economical energy.

Low weight.

High dimensional stability and load resistance.

Highly suitable as auxiliary anodes of complex geometrical shapes.

Manufacturing Range

Box type Rod type Wire type Ring Type Plate Type Mesh Type Louver Type
Ribbon Type Tubular Type Runner Type Any other Geometry


Copper foil production
Chlor Alkali Cells
Chlorine Dioxide Cell
Caustic Potash
Water Electrolysis
Sewage Treatment
Cathodic Protection
Electrolysis plating
Swimming Pool Water Treatment
Industrial Waste Water Treatment
Electrowinning Metal Extraction/Recovery
The Manufacture of Inorganics
The Manufacture of Organics
The Manufacture of Organics
The Recycle of Chemicals and Materials
Separation and Purification
Pulp and Paper
Atmosphere Control and Improvement
Destruction of Toxic Waste
Soil and Groundwater Remediation

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