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Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir, Au, Ag Recovery and Refining

KaiDa Co. which is the one of the largest company in the field of precious metal recovery, refining and catalyst fabrication is committed to the recovery of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, Gold and Silver.
In response to industries continuous development of new and improved processes, Kai Da Co. must keep pace with research and development in the field of precious metals recovery and refining.
Through effective recovery of precious metal, we are serving Industry’s desire to efficiently utilize the limited resources.

Recovery Procedures

Analysis of representative samples is an important step in the refining process, quantifying the contained precious metals.
Common practice is to generate three representative samples for simultaneous analysis –by the customer, by Kai Da Co., and by an umpire (If desired).
When the recovery rate is affirmed by customers, Recovery Procedure is proceeding. The two solution dealing with the precious metal recovered by Kai Da. One way is that the recovered precious metal can be sell by customers by a appropriate price. The other way is that new precious metal catalysts and compounds are manufactured using the recovered metal.

Recovery Scopes

1. Spent catalysts from many industries including petroleum,petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances, etc.
2. Spent catalysts for flue gas treatment and deodorization systems.
3. Electronic parts scraps, paste wastes, etc. from the electronics industry.
4. Plated scraps, used plating solution, etc. from the plating industry.
5. Electrolytic sludge from metal smelting plant.
6. Spent catalysts from automobiles.

Purity Standard

Kai Da provides recovery and refining of precious metal to following Purity.

 Platinum               99.95% min
99.95% min
   Rhodium                99.9%  min
  Ruthenium             99.9%  min
  Gold                      99.99%min
  Iridium                    99.9%  min
   Silver                     99.99% min

The recovery percent of metal from spent catalysts on carbon carrier is more than 99%, and the recovery target from spent catalyst on other carriers is determined by customers and Kai Da Co.

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